Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya

Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya

The Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya (NgY) program is the first Place of Learning program to be established. It is a full-time education program, governed and led by the Orange Local Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations. Boys who attend the NgY program are selected after they have become disengaged with their education. Since establishment in Term 1 2021, the NgY program has continually achieved remarkable attendance, cultural education and literacy and numeracy outcomes for the Aboriginal boys and young men who attend the program.

The Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya program is an initiative designed for young Aboriginal males who have become disengaged with or discontinued education. The program combines mainstream educational needs with Aboriginal Culture/Connection programs. Evidence illustrates the program is having significant success in delivering a local community engaged cultural engagement program as well as achieving significant gains in literacy, numeracy, attendance and wellbeing outcomes. An evaluation of the implementation of the NgY program was undertaken during late 2022/early 2023. The evaluation report illustrates the significant success the NgY program has achieved for Aboriginal boys and their families living within the Orange region – it can be located here.

Funding for the NgY program is provided through the Orange Local CAPO, the NSW Department of Education, the NSW AECG and the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

More information on the NgY program is available within the NSW AECG’s 2022 Advocacy Document and at the NgY Facebook Page.

The NSW AECG Inc. engaged SBS to run this story on the success of the Ngurang-gu Yalbilinya program, which aired on NITV’s The Point program on 15th August 2023.

Acknowledgement of Country

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