Ngaarr Dhuwi (Strong Spirit) Girls Academy

Ngaarr Dhuwi (Strong Spirit) Girls Academy

Ngaarr Dhuwi Girls Academy Program is a holistic program that supports our young Aboriginal women through their 7-12 educational journey. Our mentor’s role is to support female Aboriginal students through culture, wellbeing and education to increase self-determination and engagement to complete school.

Ngaarr Dhuwi Mentors will be based in select schools at a 2 mentor to 44-55 female Aboriginal Student Ratio, full time 5 days per week. Ngaarr Dhuwi have their own cultural academy spaces at each school location to facilitate the program reflecting the needs of each female cohort. The Ngaarr Dhuwi academy rooms are a meeting place for our young women to feel safe and connected. 

Mentors work collaboratively with school executive, Aboriginal Education Officers, community, students, and parents to establish localised programs that cater for the needs of their female student cohort with the support of the Ngaarr Dhuwi Girls Academy Program Manager. 

Support services may look like: 

  • Cultural engagement and connection to Country learning 
  • Transport to and from school – Ngaarr Dhuwi minibus 
  • Community yarns 
  • Post-school pathway support 
  • Targeted careers days 
  • Breakfast Club 
  • before/after school activities 
  • in class support 
  • Cultural Camps 
  • Homework sessions 
  • Participation in community events 
  • Ngaarr Dhuwi Girls Academy cross-school engagement 

NSW AECG Inc is establishing 6 Ngaarr Dhuwi Girls Academies across the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie region in 6 schools throughout 2023: 

  • Glendale Technology High School 
  • Swansea High School 
  • Newcastle High School 
  • West Wallsend High School 
  • Callaghan College, Wallsend Campus 
  • Callaghan College, Waratah Campus 


Ngaarr Dhuwi News

November 2023

🌟 Deadly to see our Ngaarr Dhuwi Glendale Technology girls dancing at Killi Biin Biin Awards Evening.

September 2023

Welcome to the first edition of Ngaarr Dhuwi Spirit Newsletter! Discover the incredible accomplishments of the Ngaarr Dhuwi team by clicking the download button, alternatively you can view the newsletter by scrolling below.

At Glendale Technology Ngaarr Dhuwi girls and brothers, gathered at the yarning circle, for a Kinship yarn with the CEO of Awabakal LALC Aunty Kumarah Kelly, alongside Aunty Nat, Ashanti, Brandii and Callan. The outcome of the session was to give the students a better understanding of how our Aboriginal Kinship system works. Students were asked at the start of the session to explain what family they have at the school. The children remained really focused during the session and found it very interesting to learn that their cousin is their sister/brother in cultural ways. 

The children then walked to the quad to participate in the “Privilege Walk”.  In this exercise the children were asked a range of questions about life outside of school. All children were given the option to only answer questions they were comfortable with answering.

This exercise was to raise awareness of various forms of privilege and gave the children some understanding to what their Aboriginal brothers and sisters everyday lives are like.

For more information, please contact our Ngaarr Dhuwi Program Manager Cherie Collins:

Acknowledgement of Country

The NSW AECG Inc. acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners of this nation. We also acknowledge past, present and emerging Elders  and the continuation and celebration of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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