Weaving Classes

Weaving Classes

The NSW AECG Inc. is now an approved provider for the Creative Kids vouchers. Students are given a $100 voucher to use from the state government to be creative. Because of this, we will be running weaving classes over Zoom.

During the weaving lessons, students will participate in a group discussion around Aboriginal culture and weaving and begin making their own woven objects step by step.

Participant fee: $100 (Students are encouraged to use their Creative Kids voucher for this program)

Lessons would be delivered over ZOOM in the format of 1 hour a week for 4 weeks.
10 students per class

Program outcomes:

  • Basic understanding of weaving in Aboriginal culture
  • Repurposing materials
  • Confidence
  • Creative thinking

Lessons Layout:
Week 1 – Introductions. Discussions and examples about Aboriginal Weaving. Learn how to make Rope.
Week 2 – Learn how to make a bracelet.
Week 3 – Learn how to make a bracelet with additional items added.
Week 4 – Learn how to make a Headpiece.

Register your interest via Google Forms: https://forms.gle/hcaWV1zbvKf289k77
Or contact Warren Bridges on (02) 9550 5666 warren.bridges@aecg.nsw.edu.au for a PDF form.