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Research With Us

Are you interested in engaging in research with the NSW AECG Inc.?

  1. Applicants must in the first instance must write a two page expression of interest to:

Cindy Berwick
37 Cavendish Street
PO Box 375

 Expressions of interest should include:

  • Title of research, brief description of topic and proposed research question (if developed)
  • Researcher, cultural background, qualifications, experience in research with Aboriginal peoples, organisation, contact details (curriculum vitae to be attached as an appendix)
  • Reason/s for undertaking research
  • How the research addresses one/or more of the research priorities of the NSW AECG Inc.
  • Benefits of research to Aboriginal peoples
  • NSW AECG Inc. role in the research
  1. The expression of interest will be assessed and the applicant will be contacted on the result. If successful, the applicant will be invited to conduct a presentation outlining a detailed research proposal (The presentation structure will be sent to the applicant). This meeting will provide an opportunity for NSW AECG Inc. to discuss the project with the applicant. Note that progressing to the presentation does not commit NSW AECG Inc. to engage in research with the applicant.
  2. Following the presentation, NSW AECG Inc. will determine if the research proposal is successful. The applicant will be notified of the result. If successful, a formal, negotiated, written agreement will be prepared. The research project will then commence.